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Ferrari Repair Services

Auto Mechanic for FERRARI VEHICLES


Founded in 1929, the Italian sports car brand, Ferrari, has become synonymous with luxury, speed, and enviable beauty. Ferrari was initially developed to compete in Formula One races and, naturally, as a luxury sports vehicle, its owners are known for a love of speed and nimble handling.

From its first sales in 1947, speed aficionados knew something special had come onto the sports car scene. As more Ferrari models were developed, from the California T to the 458 Spider and beyond, all Ferrari vehicles are said to reflect the passion and perseverance of legendary race car drivers and the brilliant engineers who bring them to life.

Whether you own a late model Ferrari like the 812 Superfast, 296 GTB, or the Ferrari Roma, or an earlier model Ferrari, you’ll find that the technicians at Motoro cars are among the most knowledgeable luxury vehicle professionals around.

We only hire truly talented and fully licensed or certified auto mechanics at Motoro, so you can rest assured that your premium vehicle is in the best hands.

Just like the Ferrari, our auto repair shop can handle whatever you need—be that routine car maintenance for your luxury vehicle, repairs, or even aesthetic upgrades.